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Museum of the Peasant Home in Subbiano

The Museum of Farmhouses in Subbiano

Discover the rural culture of the Subbiano area

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The museum aims to document the popular, rural culture of the area, which has largely disappeared today. It displays reconstructed models of the homes and rooms of the farmhouses of rural workers in the Casentino area. The objects showcased illustrate the atmosphere of rural life, and highlight the economical, social and cultural motivations behind the creation of objects, used both in the home and in agriculture. The museum was first opened in 1996 and called ‘museum of rural civilization’. In 1999, it was renovated and became part of the network of agricultural and ecological museums of the Casentino area. The museum collection was started by Giancarlo Del Pasqua in the 1960s.

Opening hours:
Saturday and Sunday, from 3pm to 7pm
Disabled access:

loc. Castelnuovo
Subbiano (Arezzo)
Tel. 0575423924; 3498542245 (Giancarlo Del Pasqua); or call the Casentino tourist office at 0575/507272.
Donations welcome.
An authentic corner of the casentino, along the resplendent banks of the arno
The history of Subbiano is closely tied to the history of the Arno: it’s not a coincidence that the town is the first that you come across on the left bank of the river as you climb up the Casentino valley. Standing as a testament to the strong bond between the town and the river are the ruins of the many water mills that were built along the banks of the Arno. ...