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The Municipal Museum of Prehistory at Monte Cetona and the Belvedere Archeology Park

Materials recovered using recent research methods and an explanation of changes in the local landscape

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Via Roma 37

The Prehistory Museum of Monte Cetona, created in 1990, documents tha most ancient phases of human population in this area which were concentrated around Cetona beginning in the middle Paleolothic period (ca. 50,000 years ago) through the Bronze Age (ca. 4,000 years ago.)The exhibit, organized with a focus on education, begins with materials recovered with recent research methods illustrating, at the same time, the evolution of the natural landscape around Cetona over the centuries based on geological and paleontological evidence.The Belvedere Archeology Park, which the museum is connected to, opens a number excavations to the public, many of which were the sites of discoveries which are, today, held in the museum.

Itineraries have been created to lead the visitor to the most significant locations, and guided tours offer the possibility to enter the cavities which were used for funerary and religious purposes. The park offers an oasis that can be travelled by foot in which the historical/archeological element and the natural element are intimately linked in testimony to the correlation between settlement and territory. The nearby Service Centre, annexed to the Park, offers information, a brief exhibit, and refreshments for visitors.

Source: Province of Siena

Etruscan village located on the north-eastern slopes of the Cetona mountain
Cetona is considered a striking destination for its typically medieval urban plan and for relaxing breaks thanks to its landscape that is characterised by a thick vegetation that lends it a particular peace. ...