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The MuMeLoc of Cerreto Guidi

The Museum of Local Memory (MuMeLoc) tells history of the area

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Cerreto Guidi
Piazza Dante Desideri, Via Vittorio Veneto
This museum does not preserve objects, but stories, voices, images using multimedia technology to show the traces left from the past in the landscape and in the memories of its inhabitants. These traces make this corner of the region so exceptional and link it to the rest of the planet.

The Museum was born following years of research and initiatives linked to the memory of the Padule di Fucecchio massacre on 23rd August 1944, when some units of the German Army slaughtered 176 defenceless people, during their retreat. For a long time the memory of the massacre was only remembered by the collective memory: only towards the end of the last century did the Cerreto Guidi Town Council commission undertake a systematic collection of accounts, leading to the publication of the book “Popolo se m’ascolti…Per le vittime dell’eccidio del Padule di Fucecchio”.

Information and a rich collection of written and audiovisual material: documents, images, interviews about the war and the immediate post-war period led to the museum, aimed at promoting the territory and its rich past. The MuMeLoc not only has an permanent exhibition itinerary, but also a multimedia archive, teaching laboratory and observatory, as well as a 70-seat conference hall made available to associations and organisations. For information, see www.mumeloc.it.

Cerreto Guidi
Cerreto Guidi sits in scenery of rolling hills, dominated by traditional vineyards and olive groves. Visiting this countryside, looked after over the centuries and dotted with farmhouses, villas and churches, is a way of seeing the Tuscan landscape anew and at its most typical. The earliest historical documentation dates to 780 and refers to Cerreto in Greti, as it was known as the time. ...