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MuMeLoc in Cerreto Guidi

The Museum of Local Memory tells the tale of the territory and its history

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Cerreto Guidi

The MuMeLoc (Museum of Local Memory) in Cerreto Guidi is not a museum that preserves objects and relics, but one that exhibits stories, voices and images, using multimedia technology to bring out the traces left by the past in the forms of the Tuscan landscape and the memories of its people.

The Museum was the result of years of research and initiatives connected to the memory of the Padule di Fucecchio Massacre, which took place on 23rd August 1944 when retreating German units slaughtered 176 unarmed people.

For a long time the memory of the massacre was kept only in the folds of collective consciousness. It was only at the end of the last century that the council of Cerreto Guidi commissioned a systematic collection of testimonies and later the publication of the book 'Popolo se m'ascolti...Per le vittime dell'eccidio del Padule di Fuceccio' (If you, the people, hear me...For the victims of the Padule di Fucecchio Massacre). 

Thus a rich body of written and audiovisual material came together: documents, images, interviews about local experiences during and after the Second World War. This heritage was enhanced and made available to the citizens, to schools, to anybody with an interest in it, to spread the knowledge of the area and its history.

MuMeLoc offers not only an explanatory route through that history, but also a multimedia archive, a teaching laboratory and an observation post assigned permanently to local security forces.

Info: mumeloc.it

Cerreto Guidi
Cerreto Guidi sits in scenery of rolling hills, dominated by traditional vineyards and olive groves. Visiting this countryside, looked after over the centuries and dotted with farmhouses, villas and churches, is a way of seeing the Tuscan landscape anew and at its most typical. The earliest historical documentation dates to 780 and refers to Cerreto in Greti, as it was known as the time. ...