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CM Casentino: Mugello

The Mugello Museum Foundation

The Mugello Museum is a laboratory on nature that extends throughout the surrounding territory.

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The Foundation is based on a variety of geological and environmental items that are part of the vast cultural heritage of the surrounding territory, which includes the Mugello, the Alto Mugello and the Val di Sieve. The Museum gathers memories and artifacts from the traditional artisan trades that adopted the area’s natural resources. The objects on display pay testimony to the people of the area, their beliefs, their activities and their artworks. With the aims of safeguarding and protecting the landscape, the museum’s mission is to maintain the landscape and territory, and to highlight the most charming and interesting aspects of the area. The museum is a network of relations: it has an information desk, laboratories and itineraries, which are organized in ‘systems’. These ‘systems’ are subdivided into natural, demographic, ethnographic, art, archeological and anthropological ‘systems’. They are then linked to each other and connected by a network that works to aid and guide visitors through the museum. The museum also offers specialized itineraries.