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Mining Museum in Cavriglia

The museum itinerary was established to uphold the memory of the mining area

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Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 7, 52022 Cavriglia AR, Italia

The Mining Museum in Cavriglia, or MINE, was founded with the aim of preserving the memory of the mining area of Castlenovo dei Sabbioni, gathering artefacts and documents from the local mine. Materials for excavation and different types of minerals are on display, among which is a big block of lignite, as well as historical documents.

The museum presents a multimedia route to discover how miners worked and lived, with videos showing the different changes that occurred in the area of Cavriglia due to open-air extraction. Moreover, the museum offers didactic activities for schools and children, including special workshops.

Info: minecavriglia.it

A land dotted with sheltered villages and medieval castles
The territory around Cavriglia extends to the foot of the Chianti mountains. With its characteristic sheltered hamlets, it’s a town with an immensely long history, which can be seen in the traces of Roman and Etruscan civilizations. Cavriglia’s more recent past is written in paper, with documents attesting to the succession of various lords in the region. ...