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Le miniere di Valdicastello
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The mines of Valdicastello

From the Etruscans to World War II

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Valdicastello is a town in Pietrasanta that is known for its Church S. Giovanni and S. Felicita. It is also famous for being the birth-place of Italy’s famed poet, G. Carducci. On an industrial level, however, the area is best noted for its precious, abundant mines. These mines proved the cause of many economic struggles during by-gone times, as powerful leaders from various epochs strove to profit from the territory’s natural resources. Today, numerous forts built throughout the area still testify to their need to defend the wealth of this region. In Medieval times, this valley was known as ‘la Valle Buona’ or ‘the Good Valley’, nonetheless, historians suggest that the Etruscans came here to forge the arms they needed to squelch the advancement of the Romans. During WWI and WWII, significant amounts of iron-ore was extracted from this zone.
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