Fonte del Marzocco

The Marzocco fountain

Marble font decorated with the Florentine lion


The so-called Marzocco fountain is a marble structure that’s finely decorated with bas-relief works. It is called ‘Marzocco’ because it’s decorated with the Florentine lion. The fountain was originally located in the central square. In the nineteenth century, it was transferred to its current position next to the uphill road leading to the Rocca fort. There, you’ll find a marble plaque that commemorates Florence’s domination of Pietrasanta in the sixteenth century.
(Source: Versilia’s Tourist Information Office)

Land of artists and marble workers between the Apuan Alps and the sea
This appealing little town is rich in cultured and elite tourism. Pietrasanta is also known as the “little Athens” of the Versilia region thanks to the high concentration of artists that decided to put down roots there. The town also has a long standing tradition of expert marble workers, and the surrounding Apuan Alps remind us of this tradition. ...