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The Loretino Oratory

Built at the end of the 13th-century, it is almost entirely covered in frescoes

San Miniato

Inside the Palazzo Comunale, the Lorentino Oratory became the chapel of the then statesmen. From 1399 to 1718, the venerated image of SS. Crocifisso was conserved there. Years later, a statue of the Madonna of Loreto was placed there, from which the oratory got its name.

This monument is part of the city museum network. It is a small building that is covered by cross vaults. The walls and ceiling were frescoed by an unknown artist in the early 1400s with the episodes of Christ’s life. A railing in wrought iron from the 1300s, made by the Siena artist Conte di Lello, separates the hall from the Presbyterian room.

The altar has a beautiful wood tabernacle, made in 1529 by the carpenter Vincenzo di Bastiano and engraver Luca, which was created to hold the venerated Crucifix from Castelvecchio. The painted compartments of the tabernacle were executed by Francesco di Agnolo Lanfranchi, also known as Lo Spillo, brother of the famed Andrea del Sarto.

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San Miniato
Famous for truffles and other treasures
San Miniato is a charming village perched atop a hill located along the Arno river, halfway between Florence and Pisa. The origins of this city, which is famous for its delicious white truffles, go back to the Etruscan-Roman times. The town’s castle was built in 962 by Otto I and, it was known to host Frederick Barbarossa and Pope Gregory V. ...