Tarabusino (Massaciuccoli)

The Lipu Oasi of Massaciuccoli

Walking on water


The symbol of the Oasis is the tiny bittern. This bird is, in fact, the most frequently seen representative of the Lipu Oasis, located on the Massaciuccoli Lake. This Oasis hosts 47 hectares of protected land and it was established to better protect rare animal species, guaranteeing their right to live in an unpolluted, diversified environment. The bittern, however, is not the only guest of this famed area which is known for being one of composer Giacomo Puccini’s best-loved spots. Ducks, cormorants, coots, herons and reed warblers are just some of the animals that visitors can learn more about by visiting the oasis.

When it comes to bird species, the marsh harrier is one of the area’s most worthy protagonists. Many other birds also find shelter among the oasis’s rich vegetation; its reeds and water lilies are so dense that they often form authentic ‘islands’. Don’t miss a visit to the Ecology and Swampland Museum or the chance to enjoy special excursions where you can try walking on palafittes. Try your hand at top-notch adventure during boat trips through reeds and marshes or glide along the water aboard a canoe, kayak or row boat.

Founded in 1983, the Oasis boasts noteworthy attractions like an Educational Laboratory and numerous opportunities for bird-watchers. Those who wish to save themselves the chase can lounge around the swamps and catch a glimpse of frogs and turtles. A bit of relaxation can provide the calm environment you need for meditation Robinson Crusoe style. Whole families—children, adults and teens—will enjoy a trip in the great outdoors, in this lovely environment, where Mother Nature is still free to be herself.


Source: Apt Versilia

Splendid nature between plains and hills
Massarosa is famous for its splendid natural environment in each of its 16 tiny hamlets that surround the center. Well-known since prehistoric times, Massarosa was inhabited during the Roman period and was so important that we still today find evidence of the ancient Roman Baths at Massaciuccoli. It became part of the Republic of Lucca in the 14th century. ...