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The Libro Aperto Peak

View of the Tuscan-Emilian Alps

The Libro Aperto is undoubtedly the most frequented mountain in the Abetone area. Its incline is slight and accessible to all. The mountain consists of two peaks—Mount Belvedere on the Tuscan side and Mount Rotondo on the Emilian side. The name comes from the fact that it resembles an open book. The area’s vegetation is characterized by rich Alpine flora, white oak woods, pine woods and blackberry bushes. Visitors can glimpse the Campolino Nature Reserve from afar. One of the most famous characteristics of the area is the presence of a protected species of rhododendrons that bloom in July. London pride, sengreen and gentianella bloom colorfully within the rocks. The peak offers a vast view of the Appennine ridge and the Modena, Bologna and Pistoia valleys.
The most important ski resort in the Apennines
Developed along the Modenese road and inaugurated in 1778, the area derives its name from a large pine that was cut down to open the road, near the pass of the same name. In the highest point where the road cuts away, the two stone Pyramids rise, built perhaps with a project by Leonardo Ximenes, that single out the pass and the old boundary between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Duchy of ...