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La Biblioteca della Scuola di Musica di Fiesole
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The Library of the Music School of Fiesole

Access to more than 12,000 pieces of music, and now also online

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The library was created from the need to supply musical material to the students and teachers of the School, both in the day-to-day basic courses, as well as during the intense periods of internships and specialisation courses. The library contains more than 12,000 pieces of music, inventaried depending on the different repertoires (solo, chamber, orchestral) of which three quarters are present both in a paper catalogue, consultable in loco, as well as in an IT catalogue (ISIS).
From June 2004 the catalogue is consultable also online, via the collective OPAC SDIAF (Integrated Documentary System of the Florentine Area) that reunites the principal libraries of the Florentine province:
The library of the Music School is the only library of the Tuscan area to have put online various types of printed music in modern editions (scores, arrangements for song and piano of operas, scores and separate parts of chamber and orchestral music, brief scores for study of every repertoire, methods and studies for single instruments, a vast repertoire of music for strings).
As well as the main body, that mainly gathers material for the orchestra, chamber music and repertoires of single instruments, the library contains many other illustrious donations, first among them being those of Maestro Piero Farulli, founder of the School.
A violinist of the Italian Quartet, Piero Farulli has donated part of his private, comprehensive library, as well as various publications of art and literature, of music for string quartets and repertoires for viola. Of extreme value are the autographed music pieces dedicated to the Maestro by the most important Italian composers, often absolute premieres.
All of the funds that enrich the library are donations by dear friends, musicologists and interpreters of the second half of the 20th century, linked by a deep affection for Piero Farulli and and the School itself. Among the numerous collections of great note are the private donations of the musicologist Paolo Fragapane, rich in monographs on music and his study notes; the journalist Sergio Andreoni; the maestro Franco Floris; the violinist Amedeo Baldovino and the pianist Maureen Jones, very useful for the solo and chamber instrumental repertoire; Antonio Veretti (director of the "Cherubini" Conservatory in the ‘50s) and the journalist Mario Rossi, these last having donated numerous study scores, useful for the study of all of the classic and modern repertoire.
Furthermore it is possible to consult encyclopedias of the history of music, musical literature, specialised publications and magazines, monographs on composers and interpreters, critical editions and the full works of Mozart, Palestrina, Handel and Bach.
We are currently working on the computerised archiving of the audio-visual material (DAT, VHS, CD) including the recordings of thirty years of the school, with concerts, demonstrations, internships of the Italian Youth Orchestra, courses held by Maestro Giulini, Music Festivals, concert lessons.
The library is also open to users that are not registered in the School on Wednesdays, from 3pm to 5:30pm for the possible loan of books (via documents) and until 7pm for the consultation of the musics.
The regulations are exhibited in the library rooms.
For information and references:
Director Dr Stefania Gitto,
tel. 055-5978521 (from Monday to Thursday, 3pm – 5:30pm)
Article edited by the Fiesole Music School
Source: Florence Tourist Information Office

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