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Lago di Montepulciano
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The Lake of Montepulciano

The ideal place to bird watch

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The rare and magical silence that reigns at this lake will allow you to observe numerous species of birds which come here to spend the winter months and to nest. Birds which are quite rare in Europe such as the red heron and the bittern, are present. You might attempt to spot the different species by listening for their calls, such as the great crested grebe, the reed warbler or the moorhen to name just a few which live a the lake all year round

The aquatic vegetation at the lake is quite special. There are many species which have disappeared from marshy environments around Italy due to draining and pollution, species such as the white water lily. The marshy land which borders the lake is home to a rare orchid and the ‘ofioglosso, a rare fern.

The lake has beautiful natural surroundings full of sights, sounds and smells to delight the senses.

Riserva Naturale Lago di Montepulciano
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In the land of “Vino Nobile”, immersed in the Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana hills
Montepulciano rests atop a narrow chalky hill where the Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana meet. This beautiful medieval village can be found in what seems like a postcard-perfect landscape, your mind conjuring up the classic idea of the Tuscan countryside no matter which direction you look in, with the green waves of the hills and golden fields dotted with cypress trees. ...