Laguna di Orbetello

The Laguna Aquarium: Museum of Fishing and Laguna Traditions

Artifacts and tools relating to Laguna fishing

The Museum of Fishing and Laguna Traditions is currently being enlarged. It was created at the same time as the Laguna Aquarium in order to offer visitors a 360 degree view of Laguna traditions both throughout history and today. The museum includes traditional fishing equipment, objects of typical Laguna-related work, informative panels and old photos.

Disabled access: Yes

Explore the beauty of the sea and lagoon
Orbetello rises on a thin strip of land located into the middle of the coastal lagoon. The small island where it stands is surrounded by the Levante and Pontente Lagoons, known respectively as Tombolo della Feniglia and Tombolo della Giannella. These offer the visitor many kilometers of charming beaches. ...