Laguna di Orbetello
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The lagoon of Orbetello

Discovering local species

Orbetello Lagoon is one of the most uncontaminated natural areas in Tuscany. It really is one of a kind.

The coastal lagoon consists of 1500 hectares of marshland separated from the sea on the west and east by two 6km strips of land and by the Argentario headland.
The town of Orbetello sits on a third strip of land that stretches into the centre of the lagoon. A man-made bridge (the Diga Leopoldina) connects Orbetello and Mount Argentario, dividing the lagoon into two parts: The Western Lagoon and the Eastern Lagoon.

Part of the lagoon is a nature reserve managed by WWF Italy. Many rare birds migrate and nest here such as the pink flamingo and the white heron.
The waters of the lagoon are rich with much sought after fish such as bream, eels and snapper. The plant life consists of a coastal pine tree woods and typical Mediterranean scrub vegetation.
The area’s flora includes both marine and domestic pines as well as several varieties of juniper, mirth, holm oaks, mock privets and many more species. The area hosts unique, almost fanciful fauna whose presence in the area appears to be quasi accidental. Visitors to this territory will have the chance to see sea eagles in addition to grebes, ducks, flamingos and coots. 
Explore the beauty of the sea and lagoon
Orbetello rises on a thin strip of land located into the middle of the coastal lagoon. The small island where it stands is surrounded by the Levante and Pontente Lagoons, known respectively as Tombolo della Feniglia and Tombolo della Giannella. These offer the visitor many kilometers of charming beaches. ...