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The journey into Antiquity

Tours, museums and events spotlighting Tuscany’s Etruscan and Roman origins

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If you are looking to discover Fiesole, an ancient city full of Etruscan treasures, it’s essential to learn more about their cult honoring ‘Minerva Medici’, the Goddess of Wisdom, worshiped in a central temple that was discovered and uncovered from 1955 to 1965 near the city’s northernmost wall. Another well-known temple in Fiesole, located on the town’s southern border, was dedicated to Persephone, daughter of Ceres and the Queen of Hades. Interestingly, the Roman army led by Marco Porcio, conquered Fiesole which became part of the Empire in 90 BC.

The city’s Romanization followed, which implied a revolution-of-sorts for the territory from an economic standpoint. During an interesting guided visit entitled ‘Faesulae e Florentia’,  visitors can discover archeolgical area and museum [see video] and get to know more about the city’s Roman remains near the forum, basilica and acropolis. See video.

The city of Florence was also founded by the Romans in the first century BC, although, today, it does not host monumental evidence of its origins. Nonetheless, visitors will delight in discovering ancient Florentia, thanks to an exciting didactic journey planned especially for children by the Associazione Musei dei Ragazzi. Ancient Florentia, like Rome, celebrated religious festivals by organizing gladiatorial games, theater events and equestrian competitions outside of the city’s walls where the Church of Santa Croce stands today. This incredible tour leads toward the remains of an ancient Roman theater located in the underground area surrounding Palazzo Vecchio, visible to visitors thanks to recently finished archeological digs.

But the fun doesn’t end here for youngsters looking to discover the glories of the ancient Roman EmpireMUDI Museo degli Innocenti welcomes children to learn more about toys and games from the past, followed by a guided visit of the National Archeological Museum, where they can view various toys and objects dedicated to childhood rituals and recreation. At the Municipal Museum of the Historical Figurine - Calenzano, why not learn more about the legions who followed Caesar to Gales and witness an interesting exhibition/event spotlighting the life and times of the Roman legion during the Imperial Age. Participants can experience the reconstruction of a typical encampment, linked to a Roman fort set to guard the Arno.

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An ancient Etruscan city, a honeypot for art and literature lovers
Fiesole has always been a favorite destination for people seeking the classic Tuscany. While wild and neighboring the city, it also boasts an unforgettable hilltop view of Florence. Aristocratic and secluded, Fiesole is a well-kept secret. ...