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Fortezza medicea
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The Isle of Elba and its fortresses

Historical constructions of great importance

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Arcipelago Toscano
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The Medici Fortresses
Masterpieces of military architecture of the time, construction began in 1548 at the order of Cosimo I de’Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. This imposing complex encloses the historic centre of the city of Portoferraio and guaranteed the security of navigation in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The principal piazzeforti of the fortification system are the Stella and Falcone Forts and the octagonal Linguella Tower at the mouth of the Darsena.

Castello del Volterraio
The remains of this Pisan castle date to the 11th century CE. The entire rocky slope upon which the castle was perched was once enclosed by fortified walls. The castle is located above the road which runs from Localita’ Magazzini to the Rio.

Fortezza Pisana
The Fortezza Pisana is located at the highest point of the settlement of Marciana, It was built by the Pisans in the 12th century and it was reinforced by the Appiani between 1450 and 1457. The square structure is enclosed by four large defensive towers.
Elba Island
An island that bears the traces of every culture that has crossed the Mediterranean
There does not exist a single civilization in the Mediterranean that hasn’t left a mark of their time on Elba Island. Nature, art and a culture thousands of years old, enclosed in a microcosm of 224 square meters, create a truly unique atmosphere and evoke extraordinary scenery marked by the interactions of so many different peoples. ...