Casa natale di Guido Monaco e centro di docuementazione sulla musica medievale

The Home of Guido Monaco and the Documentation Centre on Medieval Music

An itinerary among instruments and musical notes

The museum is located in the home of Guido Monaco (X century), the inventor of musical notes, which was restructured in 1996. The exhibition is largely didactic in nature, and displays documents, instruments and the miniated codes of musical notes from the Verna monastery.
Opening hours:
Summer (June 16 to September 30): Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, from 4:30 to 17pm’ October 1 to June 15: Saturday and Sunday, from 2:30pm to 5pm.
Price: A small entrance fee is required.
Disabled access: No
La Castellaccia
Talla (Arezzo)
Tel. 0575597512 - 3383573501
Mountian Ciommunity of Casentino, tel. 0575507272-77E-mail:
The village of Talla has Etruscan origins
The first settlements date back to at least the 4th century BC, but the council is also rich in more recent artistic testimonies, such as the church of St. Nicholas, Piazza Landi and the Abbey of St. Trinity. Rising from the ancient Abaversa road that links the area with Pratomagno, the medieval village of Talla is mentioned in documents that date back to 1057. ...
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