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Guido Monaco House Museum

In Talla, a house museum for the monk who invented musical notation

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The Guido Monaco House Museum is situated in Castellaccia, the old part of Talla that’s tucked above the town, in the tenth-century building where the Benedictine monk Guido Monaco, the inventor of musical notation, was born between 992 and 995. 

The house museum was restored in 1996 and its focus is mainly on education and documents. Instruments and illuminated manuscripts from La Verna Monastery are on display, enabling visitors to retract the history and features of the development of musical notation devised by the monk from Camaldoli. Guido Monaco is believed to have written a liturgical book, the antiphonary, in which melodies are written with marks along a line. 

“La via Musicalis”
, curated by the artist Marco Ermini, connects the Talla house through a set of sound installations, some of which are interactive, inspired by musical instruments of the past.

Info: ecomuseodelcasentino.it

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