Francesco Ferrucci
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The Hero of Gavinana: Francesco Ferrucci

Italian soldier who gave his life for his ideals


Gavinana is well-known for its summer tourism thanks to its woods and medieval layout. The history of this town is synonymous with Francesco Ferrucci, a Florentine condottiere of the Republic of Florence. Ferrucci is known for taking his soldiers into battle against Charles V’s imperial troops who had raided the town of Gavinana on August 3, 1530. He was injured and captured by the enemy and was brought to commander Fabrizio Maramaldo, an Italian soldier who had sold himself to the Spanish. He brutally killed Ferrucci in revenge for having lost the battle.An equestrian statue was erected in the town’s main piazza to honor of the soldier who fought valiantly to his death. The nearby museum (Museo Ferrucciano) houses the memoirs of numerous Italian patriots.

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