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San Rocco in Pilli
Hamlets, districts and squares

The hamlet of San Rocco a Pilli

A place frequented since the time of the Etruscans, developed in the Middle Ages and surrounded by the views of the Val di Merse

Church of San Bartolomeo, San Rocco a Pilli
Church of San Bartolomeo, San Rocco a Pilli - Credit: LigaDue
Nestled in the Sienese hills sits a cluster of parish villages where time seems to stand still
The region of Sovicille is crossed by a series of rolling hills culminating in the Montagnola Senese and is largely covered by forests, its natural beauty still very much intact. To the south, where the Merse River flows, the Upper Merse Nature Reserve protects the rich and varied land and water fauna. ...
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