Il Borgo e il Castello di Pontebosio
Hamlets, districts and squares

The Hamlet of Pontebosio

Town hosts noteworthy castle

Licciana Nardi

On the left side of the Taverne stream, in the Municipality of Licciana Nardi, you’ll find the hamlet of Pontebosio. Its name was derived from the presence of an ancient bridge that was named for Boso or Bosio. He was part of a noble family that lived in the hamlet of Verrucola, near Fivizzano. The town’s square hosts a castle, constructed in the seventeenth century. Throughout its history, the castle has had many functions; it has been a noble residence, a seminary and a middle school. Judging by its architectural elements, the castle was most likely a military structure in the past. The town’s Baroque style parish church was built by Ferdinando Malaspina as a substitute for the old oratory. Nearby, visitors will also find the Poderetto Castle, built by the Malaspina of Podenzana. Leaving from the hamlet, if you pass under the ‘Vota’ (vault), you’ll find an ancient mill which is currently not active. Alongside the river, you’ll also find the remains of a paper mill.

Licciana Nardi
Birthplace of the hero Anacarsi Nardi in the scenic Tosco-Emiliano National Park
The town and valleys of Licciana Nardi, nestled entirely in the breathtaking scenery of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, are the perfect getaway for nature lovers. Vaunting views of rare beauty over the Monti and Apella area, the old tower reminds us that it was once a medieval settlement and a sign in the town indicates the birthplace of Anacarsi Nardi, the Renaissance martyr. ...