The Giovanni Pascoli House-Museum

Visit the house where Giovanni Pascoli lived

via Caprona 4
The poet Giovanni Pascoli, in search of a quiet, peaceful place to live and write his poems, chose Castelvecchio di Barga to make his home. He moved there in October 1895 with his sister Maria and his dog Gulì, renting the country house of the Cardosi-Carrara which he went on to buy in 1902.

Here the poet spent the most peaceful years of his life until his death on the 6th of April 1912 and here he composed his most famous lyrical works: The "Primi Poemetti" (1897), the "Canti di Castelvecchio" (1903) and the "Poemi Conviviali" (1904).

After his death, his sister Maria, took care of Pascoli´s inheritance for 40 years. She faithfully preserved the structure, furniture and arrangement of the house. It was only after her death, on the 13th December 1953, that the house was bequeathed to the Municipality of Barga and underwent changes and improvements such as the installation of electric light.

The house, now a national monument, is a three-storey building surrounded by an orchard and a garden with a private chapel, restored by the poet in his lifetime, where he and his sister Maria are buried.

The Home of Giovanni Pascoli Museum
Via Caprona, 4
Barga, Castelvecchio Pascoli

Tel: 0583-766147
Fax: 0583-724759 (Municipality)

How to get there:
By car: from Lucca go northwards on the SS12 Brennero road until Chifenti, then take the SS 445 road until Campia and before the bridge turn right towards Castelvecchio.

Tourist itinerary: from Lucca northwards SS12 Brennero road until Chifenti, then road SS 445 until Fornaci di Barga, turn right to Barga and go on along the provincial road to Castelvecchio Pascoli.
parking place. Large car park near the Museum.

Public transport: CLAP buses from Lucca to Barga and from Barga to Castelvecchio

General information:
Bookshop: yes
Guided tours: yes
Programs for schools: A school program dedicated to Pascoli is being carried out in schools.
For information please contact: School department of Barga, Tel.0583-711204

Gianluigi Ruggio tel. 0583-723210.
Maria Luisa Livi, Comune di Barga, tel 0583-724759

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