Duomo di Pistoia

The Giovanni Michelucci Center for Documentation

Spotlighting Pistoia’s famed architect

The Giovanni Michelucci Center for Documentation was designed according to a plan by architect Bruno Sacchi. Located in a mezzanine room in Pistoia’s Palazzo Comunale, it gathers together myriad drawings and transparencies that bear witness to research carried out by the great architect Giovanni Michelucci throughout the course of his entire career.  Michelucci’s creative journey was characterized by several important projects including his work on the Church of San S.Giovanni Battista dell'Autostrada, the Church of  Longarone, the Cassa di Risparmio of Florence (bank) and Monte dei Paschi’s headquarters in Colle Val d'Elsa.

Giovanni Michelucci carried out several important projects in Pistoia including the ‘Borsa Merci’ stock exchange (1949-50), the Church of Collina in Pontelungo (1953-54); The Church della Vergine (1954-56), the Church of Villaggio Belvedere (1959-62), Collodi’s ‘Osteria del Gambero Rosso’ (1961-63) Bastione Thyrion Middle School (1966-75), the Reali-Cangioli home (1965-69) and Villa Iozzelli (1971-74). All of these works have been photographed and documented at the Center. To facilitate research and study, the center also hosts an ample collection of books spotlighting Michelucci and his works.



A town rich in history and beauty
Collodi, like all towns which are in a strategic geographical position, has had a very troubled history. The town’s history has been marked by events revolving around the Garzoni family. They were part of the Ghibelline family, and therefore historic enemies of the Florentine Guelfs. ...