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Garden of Archimedes

A museum of mathematics in Florence

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Via di S. Bartolo a Cintoia, 19, 50142 Firenze FI, Italia

The Garden of Archimedes is located in Florence and is the perfect museum for all those who are interested in learning about mathematics in a simple and engaging way. The exhibition, which includes interactive activities and experiments, transforms this feared discipline into something fun. On special occasions, known as “Math Sundays”, visitors come to the forefront, learning about numbers and calculations in a direct and practical way through guided workshops.

Attention is dedicated to the history of mathematics and all the celebrated figures that have stood out in the field: Archimedes, Pythagoras, Fibonacci and Galileo are some of the men on display in the rooms and in temporary exhibitions. An interesting scale model highlights how widespread the so-called school abacuses are in Florence, demonstrating the importance the illustrious city places on this essential science.

Info: math.unifi.it

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