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Gallorose Park

An oasis in Cecina, where you can live the simple life and meet animals from all over the world

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Via Aurelia Sud, 59, 57023 Cecina LI, Italia

Gallorose Park, located in Cecina, is a wildlife centre that is home to 120 species from around the world. The park was conceived as a place for families, where children could get up close to nature by following a three-kilometre route to see farm animals, such as the Pisan cow and the Monte Amiata donkey, and other exotic creatures.

It really is a journey across five continents, where you can meet the African porcupine, lemurs from Madagascar, kangaroos from Australia, the European golden eagle and many other animals.

The route through the park also includes a museum area and its collection of period images, with portraits and snapshots from life in the fields; there are also old toys from the beginning of the 20th century and traditional farm machinery, like a plough and a threshing machine.

Archaeology, relaxation and nature make an unforgettable holiday
Cecina is an ancient area, with some local discoveries being traced back to the Neolithic period. The land, also inhabited during the Etruscan era, gets its name from the Etruscan Consul Albino Cecina. He ordered the construction of a villa whose ruins can still be seen today in San Vicenzino. ...