Rocca di Monteggiori

The Fortress of Monteggiori

Camaiore’s castle once dominated area


Monteggiori, whose name means ‘small mountain’, is one of the most charming villages in the Camaiore area, since it maintains its original character of a medieval fortified village. It has an enviable position on the slopes of Mount Gabberi, which dominate the Camaiore valley, as well as Pietrasanta and the coast. The castle of Monteggiori was at the top of the hill, that now hosts the village, with its paved lanes converging toward the walls of the fortress. Its altitude allowed easy access to the area’s woods and springs. Even today, grape-vines and olive groves are still widespread throughout the Camaiore area.

Mentioned in documents since 1224, the castle of Monteggiori used to be property of the Lords of Bozzano. Though historians lack information regarding its construction, they do know that it was occupied by Lucca in 1224. Thus, it shared the fate of the castles of Montemagno, Corvaia and Vallecchia, which all fell into the hands of Lucca between the XII and XIII centuries. At this time, the territory of Camaiore and all of Versilia became the setting of a bloody struggle between Lucca and Pisa for the control of the coast. It was gradually taken away from its original owners, the local lords.





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Located in the foothills of the Apuan Alps, this small town dates back to Roman times. After founding Lucca, the Romans created a series of small villages at the foot of Mount Prana. One of these villages is the present day Camaiore, which gets its name from the ancient Campus Major—the large plain that connects Lucca and the gates of Luni. ...