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I Giganti dei boschi della Valtiberina
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The forest’s Giants

Discovering the upper Valtiberina

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Roaming the Upper Valtiberina, you will come across woods full of small trunks; they stand close together like an impenetrable wooden army. These are dwarves compared to the primordial forests which dotted the Alpe della Luna centuries ago. In this complex mosaic of natural resources, the woodland has always played a fundamental role in the development of hill top and mountain economies. In the medieval period, part of the Valtiberina territories belonged to Massa Trabaria, an antique papal province which supplied the beams for Rome’s basilicas.
In this area, you’ll find turkey oaks, downy oaks, beeches or chestnuts. Some of these majestic plants are found in woods or fields, others are located near tiny churches, like the beautiful beech of the ‘Madonna del Faggio’ or the century-old downy oak near the Church of Rofelle. These giant trees often mark important stops along the road. Their presence is never by chance. These ‘Cyclops’ evoke strong feelings and imagination—their monumental history existed before the coming of man to this territory. In 2003, the Province of Arezzo and the State Forestry Commission created a book called ‘The trees of memory’ which classified forty-seven monumental trees throughout the Valtiberina. Said volume includes sixteen of the most unique ‘giants’ describing their history with anecdotes and stories.