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The Foresiana Gallery

Paintings, coins, books, drawings, etchings and furniture which all belonged to Dr. Foresi

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Centro Culturale De Lauger
Salita Napoleone
The Foresiana Gallery was set up in 1914 with the donation of Dr Mario Foresi’s art collections. Dr Foresi was an intellectual interested in literature, art and music. He was an important figure in the cultural life of Florence during the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century.Dr Foresi’s collections began with what he inherited from his father, Raffaello, and his uncle, Alessandro, both of whom were part of the intellectual circles of Piovano Arlotto in Florence. They were both experts in the history of figurative arts and left him hugely interesting art collections.

The gallery was opened to the public in 1924, at which point it was housed on the top floor of Palazzo Comunale. It stayed there until 1943. Subsequently, the works of art were moved to two Napoleonic residences (now owned by the state) of San Martino and Mulini. In 1991, the gallery was moved to its current location in the De Laugier ex-army barracks. This building dates back to the sixteenth century and was home to the knights of Santo Stefano. It became a Franciscan convent between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and then an army barracks in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Elba Island
An island that bears the traces of every culture that has crossed the Mediterranean
There does not exist a single civilization in the Mediterranean that hasn’t left a mark of their time on Elba Island. Nature, art and a culture thousands of years old, enclosed in a microcosm of 224 square meters, create a truly unique atmosphere and evoke extraordinary scenery marked by the interactions of so many different peoples. ...