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Museo civico F.Baldinucci, Lari

The F. Baldinucci Civic Museum

This museum includes archaeological finds, vases, architectural fragments and monumental sites

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The F.Baldinucci Civic Museum (Museo Civico) in Lari is housed in Palazzo dei Vicari, which was built between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries.The museum contains many Etruscan artefacts such as clay materials from the Castle, items that date back to the Roman period, such as locally made vases and Renaissance pieces like architectural fragments, and sixteenth/seventeenth century vases showing coats of arms and heraldic motifs. A visit to the museum also includes a tour of the Carceri, the underground levels of the palazzo known as ‘l’Inferno’, the Sala del Tormento (the torture chamber) with its sixteenth century frescoes and the Sala del Tribunale (the courtroom).

Opening hours
16/09 – 14/04: 3pm-6pm Sundays and public holidays
15/04 – 24/07: 4:15pm-7pm Saturdays, 10:45am-12:45pm & 3:30pm-7pm Sundays and public holidays
25/07 – 25/08: 10:45am-12:45pm Mondays and Tuesdays, 4:15pm-7pm Saturdays, 3:30pm-7pm Sundays
26/8 – 15/09: 4:15pm-7pm Saturdays, 10:45am-12:45pm and 3:30pm-7pm Sundays and public holidays

Entry fee

€3,00. Free for under 10s

Disabled access


Contact information

Piazza del Castello 1, Lari (Pisa)
Telephone (+39) 334 3963782 - (+39) 0587 684126
E-mail info@castellodilari.it
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