Museo etrusco Bientina

The Etruscan Museum at Bientina

The Etruscan history of this region on exhibit in the museum’s collection

In November 1999 the City of Bientina, together with the Cultural Association “La Torre,” organized a permanent exhibit about the ancient history of the surrounding area in the de-consecrated church of San Girolamo.The building dates to the first half of the 17th century. The exhibit cases contain artifacts from the zone around the ex-Lake of Bientina which were uncovered during excavations in 1953 and 1957, and which are testimony to Etruscan settlements in this area. Other artifacts were uncovered in the excavation campaigns of 1971 and 1988. The artifacts date from the Pre-Etruscan, Etruscan and Etruscan-Roman period and include funereal vases, earthenware fragments, burial goods, fibulas, hairpins and earrings. Four large descriptive panels help to explain the exhibit and the surrounding archeological areas.
A small town with an ancient past which is home to an Etruscan Museum
The first written evidence there is of the town of Bietina (from the Latin "Bis antes", meaning "two hedges") dates back to the year 793. It was then that Saximondo di Gumberto conceded a portion of land to the bishop of Lucca. The town’s monuments include the Pievania Church of Santa Maria Assunta which was enlarged between 1627 and 1640. ...