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Museum of the Ancient History of the Bientina Territory

A collection of some of the archaeological discoveries of the area

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The Museum of the Ancient History of the Bientina Territory is found in the former oratory of San Girolamo, a 17th-century church, once officiated by the Society of Charity but no longer consecrated today. 

The museum documents the history of Bientina, conserving and exhibiting proto-Etruscan and Etruscan-Roman artefacts found in the area. In fact, an Etruscan-Roman village once stood here, later submerged by Lake Bientina at the start of the Middle Ages. The museum displays artefacts from the ancient Villanovan area (10th-11th century BCE), pottery from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, ruins of an Etruscan house from the 6th century BCE with ceramic tools and the remains of the necropolis.

Info: www.rmvaldera.it

Nestled in greenery in the Monte Pisano foothills
Although it vaunts a medieval appearance, Bientina has acquired a more contemporary feel over the years. The town is a superb base for visitors wanting to explore Monte Pisano and the nearby Valdera valley. ...