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Giotto, Madonna col Bambino e Angeli, detta "Madonna di San Giorgio alla Costa", proveniente dalla Chiesa di Santo Stefano in Ponte a Firenze

The Diocesan Museum of Santo Stefano al Ponte, Florence

Paintings, sculptures and ecclesiastical treasures

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The Diocesan Museum of Santo Stefano al Ponte is housed in an annex of the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte. There has been a church on this site since Medieval times, although the current church was rebuilt in the late-Renaissance and again in the eighteenth century in order to safeguard the many precious works of art from around the diocese which are on display here.The church of Santo Stefano al Ponte has been collecting and housing historic works of art since 1981. Some of these works of art have since been returned to their original homes and into local art collections. Those works of art which could not be returned to their original homes, make up the collection of the Diocesan Museum. The rest of the collection consists of works of art which were part of the Diocesan Museum of the Seminario Maggiore, in the old convent in Cestello, until the 1960s.

Opening hours
Winter: Friday 3.30pm-6.30pm
Summer: Friday 4pm-7pm
Closed in August

Entry Fee
Free entry with a guided tour

Disabled Access

Contact Information
Piazza S. Stefano al Ponte 5
Telephone 055 2710732 (the office of Sacred Art of the Archdiocese of Florence)
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