Museo della deportazione di Prato

The Deportation Museum in Prato

A symbolic itinerary to remember this moment in Nazi history


The museum is located in Figline di Prato, where on September 6, 1944, the Nazis hanged 29 partisans from the Bogardo Buricchi brigade. The itinerary takes visitors on a symbolic journey through the Nazi concentration camps, displaying the objects that were used there. The layout is dark and eerie, inciting visitors to reflect on the atrocities experienced in this particular moment of history. There are placards with quotations offer the oral histories of those deported and their experiences in the concentration camps. Multimedia screens along the entire itinerary also help to inform visitors’.

The objects displayed were collected by the survivors of the camps, who are part of the National Association of Ex-Deportees (ANED). Among the survivors is Roberto Castellani, one of the 136 Prato-born partisans that were deported to the Nazi concentration camps, following a strike in the city in March 1944 that immobilized the textile industry. Numerous utensils are original and were donated to the city of Prato by the ANED, while others are recreations of utensils and objects, based on survivors’ memories of the camps.


Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 9:30am to 12:30pm; and Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, also from 3pm to 6pm; Closed on Tuesday; Summer closure from July 27 to August 28.


Price: Free


Disabled access: Yes


via di Cantagallo 250
Figline di Prato
Prato (Prato)
Tel. 0574 470728 (museum); 0574461655 (documentation centre)


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