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“Davide Manni” Centre for Documentation

An archaeological Etruscan journey in Gavorrano

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The “Davide Manni” Centre for Documentation is in the historic centre of Gavorrano and was created to hold the archaeological collection and artefacts found in the Gavorrano area, at the Santa Teresa site (2005-2007), during archeological studies carried out by the University of Florence.

The museum exhibits the artefacts found during the digs at Castel di Pietra, such as ancient majolica mugs and one bearing the Tolomesis coat of arms. The set-up includes an information screen which reconstructs life at the castle in the 14th century.

Info: comune.gavorrano.gr.it

a glimpse into the middle ages in the upper maremma
In the middle of the Upper Maremma in Grosseto stands Gavorrano, a medieval centre next to Monte Calvo, where you can enjoy walks that span from the sea to the hills. Gavoranno was an important mining town and the stone caves and facilities for mining and processing minerals are still visible today. ...