The David Lazzaretti Studies Centre

A closer look at the "prophet of Monte Amiata"

Piazza Felice Cavallotti
The exhibition space, located next to the Studies Centre, chronicles the history of David Lazzaretti, the "prophet of Monte Amiata", through paintings, photos, clothing and other objects in the years of the Unification of Italy. Visitors learn more about the places, key figure and experiences that characterized the religious and social life of the Monte Amiata community.
The documentation on Lazzaretti and the religious movement, which he later inspired, is interesting from a historical, artistic, anthropological and environmental point of view. Among the noteworthy objects on display are the clothes of Lazzaretti and the beautiful letter written by Don Giovanni Bosco, who defended Lazzaretti and expressed a desire to testify on his behalf.
The most characteristic village of the Amiata
Arcidosso is another of the more striking Amiata villages. Imposing and characteristic on all sides, the ancient town has at its centre the Rocca Aldobrandesca, besieged in 1331 by the Siennese commanded by Guidoriccio da Fogliano and passed in 1559 to the Medici. At the entrance of the town a stop at the imposing monument to the Dead at Work is worth a visit. ...