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Viale dei Cipressi in Bolgheri

The famous tree-lined road is immortalised in the words of the Poet Giosuè Carducci

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Strada Provinciale Bolgherese, 193, 57022 Castagneto Carducci LI, Italia

The charming Viale dei Cipressi (Boulevard of Cypresses) is found in the municipality of Castagneto Carducci, and is a 5-kilometre tree-lined road which connects the Oratory of San Guide with the historic centre of the village of Bolgheri. A long straight road, with two rows of dense, centuries-old cypress trees on both sides - 2540 in total - which was built in the 19th century. When via Regia was rebuilt, they created perpendicular road to link the countryside to the central towns: one of these was the road of San Guido.

The road was adorned with cypress trees at the behest of Count Guide Alberto and it became famous thanks to the famous poem “Davanti San Guido”by the poet Giosuè Carducci, who lived there for quite a while. In his verses he wrote:

I cipressi che a Bólgheri alti e schietti
Van da San Guido in duplice filar,
Quasi in corsa giganti giovinetti 
Mi balzarono incontro e mi guardar.

At the start of the road there is a small obelisk which was put there in 1908 by Giuseppe Della Gherardesca to commemorate the famous poet.

A town of timeless charm and a land of timeless wines
Immortalized by local writer Giosuè Carducci in his poem “Davanti a San Guido”, with the words “I cipressi che a Bolgheri alti e schietti van da San Guido in duplice filar” (“The cypress trees stand straight and true from Bolgheri to San Guido in double rows”), this centuries-old town was developed around a medieval castle after travelling the long tree-lined avenue. ...