Laguna di Orbetello

The Cosa Archeological Museum

Archeological fragments, artifacts and bronzes found in the Antiquarian

The Cosa Archeological Museum was created in 1981 by the Italian government and the American Academy in Rome. The ancient Latin colony of Cosa, founded in 273 BC, was chosen as the ideal spot for the museum. When it first opened, the museum consisted of just one room with archeological collections from Arce, the Foro and from private homes.

As the museum grew, new rooms were added which contained artifacts relating to the port and trade, as well as items from the nearby necropolis. One room was dedicated to the history of the town of Cosa. A small antiquarian has been opened within the archeological area. This antiquarian is home to materials an artifacts from the urban area beneath the port.

Disabled access: No

Explore the beauty of the sea and lagoon
Orbetello rises on a thin strip of land located into the middle of the coastal lagoon. The small island where it stands is surrounded by the Levante and Pontente Lagoons, known respectively as Tombolo della Feniglia and Tombolo della Giannella. These offer the visitor many kilometers of charming beaches. ...