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Chiesa di Sant'Agostino - Calci
Places of worship

The convent and church of Sant’Agostino

Simplicity at its best

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Along the road that leads from Calci to Montemagno, visitors will delight in the simplicity of the area’s Augustinian buildings. The convent and the church of Sant’Agostino was built between 1258 and 1264 by will of Ugo da Fagiano, Bishop of Nicosia in Cyprus. The Augustinian order managed these structures until it became part of the regular clergy of San Salvatore in Bologna during the sixteenth century. The building has a simple structure with a bell tower and a single room with a bell-shaped vault. Inside, visitors won’t want to miss frescoed and tempera decorations from the XVIII and XIX centuries.
Source: Pisa’s Tourist Information Office

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