The Civic Museum in Montopoli Val d’Arno

Housed in Palazzo Giucciardini

Montopoli in Val d'Arno
The Civic Museum in Montopoli Val d’Arno is housed in Palazzo Giucciardini, right in the heart of the town. The museum, which was opened in the spring of 2004, documents the history and culture of the region.The five rooms on the ground floor are divided in two sections. The archaeological section includes the Baldovinetti-Mainoni and Falchi collections with Etruscan and Roman artefacts on display. The second section includes architectural remains from the Montopoli fort which was destroyed during the Second World War and which also contains documents and paintings relating to the religious history of the region. Another area of the museum is dedicated to ceramics produced in Montopoli at the beginning of the twentieth century and includes an educational area which explains the techniques of ceramics production. There is also a basement floor with a section of Palaeontology where many fossils are displayed and information panels explaining how it is that whale bones have been found in this area. On the first floor there are two rooms which house a small gallery with the work of some local late-nineteenth and early twentieth century artists (Bicchi and Menotti-Pertici).

The Baldovinetti-Mainoni and Falchi archaeological collections date back to the eighteenth century and include artefacts from all over the Tuscan region. The Isidoro Falchi collection is made up of many artefacts found in Populonia and Vetulonia. Isidoro Falchi was the archaeologist who discovered Vetulonia in the nineteenth century. A separate room is dedicated to local Montopoli ceramics made by Dante Milani.In 1923, Dante Milani built the first of his ceramics furnaces in the region. Soon, many artisan workshops sprung up around it and began a long tradition of ceramics production which quickly became famous all over Europe and the world. The museum also has a room dedicated to Palaeontology which has been filled with interesting fossilised remains, courtesy of the Natural History Museum (Museo di Storia Naturale) in Calci. Alongside this display there is a temporary exhibition with material documenting the work of the Isidoro Falchi Archaeological Group who are working in this area.

Finally, there is one section of the museum entirely dedicated to contemporary figurative arts with works of art by local artists such as Silvio Bicchi (1874-1948) a post-Macchiaiolo painter, Menotti Pertici (1904-1966) student of Bicchi, Paolo Ciampini, an internationally famous engraver.

Opening hours
Winter (01/10-31/3): Saturday and Sunday 3pm-6pm
Summer (01/04-30/09): Friday 10am-1pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm
Educational activities organised on Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment.

Entry fee

€1,50 for over 65 years old, under 18 years old, groups of 15 or more and TCI members
Free for school children and university students

Disabled access

In part

Contact information

via Guicciardini 55, Montopoli Val d’Arno (Pisa)
Telephone 0571 449836

Montopoli in Val d'Arno
A stupendous medieval village that conserves the remains of its walls and fortifications
Montopoli rises on the back of a hillock of tufo near to the Arno river and was one of the most important castles of the lower Valdarno, remembered by Boccaccio as the “Eminent Castle” for its powerful fortifications. Still today the oldest part of Montopoli conserves the aspect of the typical medieval settlement. ...