Pitigliano di notte

The Civic Archeological Museum of Etruscan Civilisation

Examine artifacts from the necropolis of Poggio Buco

The Pitigliano Civic Archeological Museum of Etruscan Civilization was opened in 1995 and is home to a collection of Etruscan artifacts which date back to the seventh and sixth centuries BC. These artifacts came to light during archeological digs in and around the necropolis at Poggio Buco, near Pitigliano. The museum is split into two sections: the first includes material connected to the necropolis and forms the main part of the museum. The second section is home to finds from the inhabited areas around the necropolis.

Throughout the museum, visitors can see directly into the ceramics restoration workshop and learn about how restoration work is done. Items currently in the workshop include a statue from 630 BC, an amphora dating back to the seventh century BC and a painted funerary urn with geometric decorations from the eighth century BC.

Opening hours
From two weeks before Easter until 2nd November: 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm
From 26th December until 6th January: 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm
Group bookings can be made the rest of the year.

Entry fee
€1,50 children aged 3-8, residents and school children
Free for pensioners over 65 years, tour guides and teachers accompanying school groups

Disabled access

Contact information
Fortezza Orsini
Pitigliano (Grosseto)
Telephone 0564 614067
E-mail arethusa.parcotufo@katamail.com
To outsiders, Pitigliano looks like a fairytale village, jetting from striking, wild ridges and surrounded by lush valleys carved by the Lente and Meleta rivers. The soaring tuff walls, lined with myriad caves and tower houses, are nothing but the best of medieval architecture. ...