Chiesa di Santa Maria Novella a Marti

The Church of Santa Maria Novella

Marti’s Piazza dell’Indipendenza hosts noteworthy church

Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 18

Marti’s Church of Santa Maria Novella was built in 1332. It was completely built of bricks and its main prospectus and external sides are decorated with small arches. The church’s monochromatic facade was embellished with thirteenth century ceramic basins, probably produced in Pisa and Spain. Visitors will appreciate the church’s single nave interior which was restored in the early eighteenth century; this restoration process saw the addition of a presbytery forum, decorated by Anton Domenico Bamberini between 1719 and 1722. Visitors won’t want to miss the church’s sixteenth century fresco representing the ‘Baptism of Christ’ and two noteworthy altarpieces: Matteo Rosselli’s ‘Saint Peter heals the lame’ (1558) and Thaddeus Naldini’s sixteenth century rendition of ‘The Resurrection’.
(Source: Pisa Tourist Information Office)

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