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Places of worship

The Church of San Silvestro

A spiritual gem in Larciano

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Larciano is a small town located near Monsummano Terme, an area that’s famous for its thermal baths located at the foot of Montalbano. Nestled in typically Tuscan vineyards and olive groves, Larciano most likely owes its first settlement to the construction of a Roman country house called Villa Lariziana. During the Middle Ages, this hamlet became the property of the Guidi Counts, who headed one of Tuscany’s most powerful dynasties. Part of the Municipality of Pistoia since 1226, it was contended over by the Florentines who had their own strongholds in the Empoli area.

The Church of San Silvestro, with its Romanic nave, is certainly one of the city’s most ancient monuments. Thanks to various renovation projects its apse has a classic Latin cross plan. The church is located near the castle and it is said to have been built on the site of a pre-existing pagan temple. Its splendid marble altar is located next to transepts built in the 1800s along with a baptismal font in sculpted marble. Art lovers won’t want to miss viewing a noteworthy fresco by Bartolomeo Valiani  (1838) which depicts San Silvestro as he baptizes Emperor Constantine. In the choral section above the church’s main entrance, you’ll find an organ by Luigi and Cesare Tronci, built in 1862 and decorated with various motifs. This wonderful instrument boasts various features including a 54-key keyboard.
A journey back in time to villages with a medieval atmosphere
The territory around Larciano extends to the slopes of Montalbano and is a collection of small pearls: the villages of San Rocco, Castelmartini, Cecina and Larciano Castello. Larciano Alto still conserves its typically medieval aspect, nestled between 13th-century defense walls. ...