Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista a Campagnatico

The Church of San Giovanni Battista at Campagnatico

The view from the summit of Campagnatico is breathtaking: slopes of vineyards and olive groves and, in the distance, the sea between the cliffs of of the Uccellina Park and the headland of the Argentario. After taking in the fabulous landscape of the Maremma, stop to admire the Church of San Giovanni Battista.This small church is located on the remains of the defensive system of a fortress and reuses the fortress's tower as a belltower. The structure dates to the 13th century and was built in the romanesque style with some Pisan gothic elements. The facade is surmounted by an arch, a rose window and a crown of arches. The interior is a single nave with a raised presbytery and is covered in trusses. The chapels are framed by large pointed arches. Among the works to be found inside the church are the 13th century canvas by Guido di Graziano which represents the Madonna and Child in the style of Duccio Buoninsegna. Don't miss the wood ciborium with painted doors from the 16th century and the frescoes by Cristoforo di Bindoccio representing the Life of the Virgin.


Dante describes this charming medieval village and its frescoes, in the Divine Comedy
Campagnatico is a typical medieval town, both in its urban structure and in its strategic position. It stands on a rise, planted with olive trees, which to the east, drops off sharply over the Ombrone Valley. The ancient castle belonged to the Aldobrandeschi family of Sovano, and was mentioned in Canto XI of Dante’s Purgatory. ...