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Piazza Duomo a Prato
Places of worship

The Church of S. Pietro in Figline di Prato

A sacred site with medieval origins

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The external structure of the country church of San Pietro has an external structure with coil inserts which bear fitness to its medieval origins. The building was first cited in historical documents as far back as 1183. Between the end of the XIII century and the beginning of the XIV century it was widened thanks to the addition of a transept and a bell tower. The church was named at the beginning of the 1400s and it became a simple priory in the XVII century.

It has a Latin-cross plan and its interior has a ceiling with a wooden triangular bracket truss. Inside, you’ll find numerous frescos that date back to the XIV and XV centuries. The church leads to a small museum which was created in 1973 as part of an architectural plan by Francesco Guerrieri. The museum hosts several interesting paintings and sacred furnishings. Visitors will also enjoy artistic relics from the high Middle Ages and various items in colour-less terracotta from the XIV and XV centuries, produced in local kilns.

In the heart of Tuscany, a city of art and prestige
If there is one city that can impress those looking for lesser-known destinations, it’s Prato. Considering how the city is presented in the press, visitors will be surprised to discover an elegant and well-preserved historic city centre, as impressive as the most famous Medieval cities dotting Tuscany. ...