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La Chiesa del Pianto
Places of worship

The Chiesa del Pianto: The ‘Weeping Church’

This church was called the ‘weeping church’ because of the image that is depicted inside it.

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It is located in the center of the town, just right of the Carrione and in front of the Sirena Fountain (made in the 16th century). Of the churches in the area, the ‘weeping church’ is one of the best examples of 17th century ecclesiastical architecture. The church was given its name because of the painting that was transferred there in 1651 from Lugnola. It was painted by Domenico Utens, son of the Flemish painter Giusto Utens. The façade of the church features a linear portico, and inside there is a main altar and two lateral altars in white marble. The church was built by the Confraternita della Rosa in 1650, and it is connected to the nearby Palazzo Manzoni.

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Carrara has always been considered the city of marble, and for good reason. The identity of this centuries-old city—with strong ties to both the mountains and the nearby Ligurian Sea—has always had marble at its heart: the pristine stone has been extracted from area quarries since Roman times. When you hear or utter “Carrara,” marble and quarries are the immediate associations. ...