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Museo del Castagno

The Chestnut Museum

A tour to discover how chestnuts are used in Luccan gastronomy

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The Chestnut museum examines the importance of this humble fruit in local cooking and also for wood of the chestnut tree in and around Lucca.This museum was opened after several years of gathering tools and items relating to historical local peasant and farming culture. The museum focuses on evidence found of the use of chestnuts in the Colognora area in ancient times. Visitors can learn about the chestnut harvest, how chestnuts are dried and then transformed into a food product. There is also a wealth of information about the use of chestnut groves by local woodsmen.As well as visiting the museum, it’s also possible to take a tour through the village and local area to visit the ‘metato’, or place where the chestnuts were dried. There is also a charcoal pit and straw hut.

Opening hours
Public holidays: 3pm-6pm
Weekdays: by appointment only (please call A.Frati on 0583-954465; 328 5722956)

Entry fee

Disabled access
In part

Contact information
Val di Roggio
Pescaglia (Lucca)
Telephone 0583-358159
E-mail info@museo-del-castagno.it

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