APT Pisa: Torre del castello

The Castle Tower

This beautiful stone tower from the Lombards is located in Orciatico, Lajatico


Located in the oldest part of the town, where the 12th century castle was situated, one of the town’s towers was restored some years ago. During the renovations, workers came across a stone plaque with the date 652 written on it, giving proof that this small town dates back to the Lombard period.

Immersed in nature, this delightful village is home to the original 'theatre of silence'.
Lajatico, of Latin (castrum ajatici) or Longobard origin, is situated on a hilly spur where the Valle d'Era meets that of the Sterza. Passing from the dominion of the bishop of Volterra to the Republic of Pisa, towards the end of the fourteenth century it came into the possession of the Commune of Florence. ...