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Cassero for Sculpture in Montevarchi

An ancient fortification with 2500 works from 19th and 20th-century Italian artists

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The Cassero for 19th and 20th-century Italian sculpture is a project like no other in Italy. The museum is built into the old 14th-century Cassero in Montevarchi, which, three levels high, was the most imposing tower on the elliptical circuit of fortified walls that was commissioned by the Florentines in 1328.

The permanent collection consists of more than 2,500 works of bronze, marble, plaster, terracotta and design, by artists from Tuscany and all over Italy, brought to Montervarchi along with a great number of original documents, period photographs and press reviews.

Cassero for Sculpture
Cassero for Sculpture

The Cassero collection holds historically and artistically important works by Michelangelo Monti, Temo Bortolotti, Arturo Stagliano, Alberto Giacomasso, Mentore Maltoni, Valmore Gemignani, Firenze Poggi and Donatella (Dodi) Bortolotti. Sculptures by Montevarchi artists Pietro Guerri, Elio Galassi and Ernesto Galeffi also rub shoulders here.

Info: ilcasseroperlascultura.it

One of the most picturesque towns in the Valdarno area
The Montevarchi area once occupied a strategic position at the point where the roads met to Arezzo, Florence and Siena. Until the year 1000 the plain was almost desert, the area was wooded and the free flow of the river Arno often led to flooding. ...