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Museo del Cassero

The Cassero for Sculpture in Montevarchi

A Collection of modern sculpture from the area

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Piazza Vittorio Veneto
“Il Cassero for Italian sculpture from the 1800’s and 1900” is a unique project of its kind in Italy. A culturally innovative and daring undertaking, this project has materialized thanks to the contribution of hundreds of sculptures donated by private sources all over Italy.

The museum is located in the Cassero of Montevarchi (XIV - XX centuries) and extends over three floors. The elliptical tower was built buy the Florentines in 1228 and was proven to be the tower with the most dominating and powerful presence within the city walls. The museum boasts of a permanent collection rich in over two thousand five hundred sculptures of bronze, marble, gesso, terracotta and several drawings executed by Tuscan and Italian artists, all acquired by the museum along with an impressive amount of primary sources, among which documents, photographs and newspaper articles related to the works themselves.

The Cassero collection claims works by figures of notable artistic achievement such as Michelangelo Monti, Timo Bortolotti, Arturo Stagliano, Alberto Giacomasso, Mentore Maltoni, Valmore Gemignani, Firenze Poggi and Donatella (Dodi) Bortolotti. Furthermore, artists from Montevarchi are also given the spotlight: these are Pietro Guerri, Elio Galassi and Ernesto Galeffi.

Opening hours: from Thursday to Sunday 10:00AM-1:00PM and 3:00pm-6:00pm.

Contact information:
Il Cassero per la Scultura, Montevarchi (AR) , via Trieste 1
tel for information: 055 9108272
tel for reservations: 0559108274
The very name of Montevarchi gives us a clue of its strategic position, intermediary between Arezzo, Florence and Siena
In the town, of 21,000 inhabitants, you can admire the Palazzo del Podestà and the Collegiate of St. Laurence, that holds the important Museum of Sacred Art. Among the most valuable works held by the museum there is the 15th century Tempietto by Andrea della Robbia and the gilded, wooden one, a reliquary created by Giovanni del Brina in 1567. ...