The “Casa Rossi” rural collection

Remembering a way of life from the recent past


This collection is displayed inside an old granary which used to serve partly as a storage for cereals and beans and partly for the care of silk worms. Today it provides space for all sorts of agricultural instruments and tools from other traditional activities like metalworking and carpentry. The exhibit also includes furnishings from the homes of both the lord and the sharecroppers which help to illustrate elements of daily life from the 19th and 20th centuries.


Free entrance. Guided tours available for a fee.

Via Nazionale
Ph: +39 0575.560034; +39 0575.507272-77 (Comunità montana del Casentino)


A splendid medieval rock-fort immersed in nature
The old part of Bibbiena, a medieval fortress, is set at the top of a hill surmounted by the Torre Tarlati. A noteworthy monument is the 16th-century Palazzo Dovizi, named after the renowned family to which Cardinal Bernardo, called il Bibbiena (1470-1520) belonged. He was secretary to Pope Leo X, diplomat, and author of the play "La Calandria," which explored Renaissance society. ...