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The Hermitage of Calomini

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In Fabbriche di Vergemoli stands this ancient place of worship, carved into the mountain

On the road that runs along the Turrite di Gallicano, in the direction of the Grotta del Vento (Wind Cave), lies, nestled in the mountains of Garfagnana, the Hermitage of Calomini.

The ancient place of worship is located in the municipality of Fabbriche di Vergemoli and is situated at the base of a large sheer wall. According to tradition, it was built on the very spot where, around the year 1,000, a shepherdess went to drink; before her eyes, a statue of the Madonna appeared which is still an object of devotion today.

The original core of the complex is probably the sacristy, which would have been carved out of the rock by chisel strokes.

The Hermitage and the rock wall
The Hermitage and the rock wall

The original little church underwent several expansions and enrichments of the structures over the centuries, and in the 17th century it was furnished with richly carved walnut and chestnut furniture. It is still possible to visit the old kitchen and the monks' cells, also carved in stone like the sacristy.

The Hermitage of Calomini, a place of peace and prayer, is the perfect place for those who want to disconnect from everyday life, rediscovering a spiritual dimension.

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