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Butterfly Sanctuary on the Isola d’Elba

A memorable tour in the Archipelago Toscano National Park

Map for 42.772487,10.171886
Arcipelago Toscano
SP37, Campo nell'Elba LI, Italia

The Butterfly Sanctuary on the Isola d’Elba forms part of the Archipelago Toscano National Park and is a natural oasis which winds along a trail beginning in the picnic area of Monte Perone and ends on the final slopes of Monte Capanne.

There are three rooms. The first part is inside a pine forest, and although it is made up of artificial plants many butterflies find their habitats there due to the freshness, brightness and the abundance of flowers where they can take refuge and feed away from the heat, especially on hotter days. Three species in particular are found here: the Zerinzia, the Pieride of Mann and the Pironia.

At the end of your climb in the pine forest you will get to the small fields at the ridge, clearings covered in herbaceous plants, helichrysum and junipers, particularly popular with Elban butterflies.

After a brief section of path, it splits: the left side goes towards the hill of La Calanche, while the right side takes you to a forest of Mediterranean scrub. Here there are fewer butterflies but the strawberry tree feeds the larvae of the beautiful Giasone butterfly.

Info: santuariodellefarfalle.it

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