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The Butterfly Sanctuary on the Isle of Elba

An itinerary through the thousands of colours of this incredible species

Arcipelago Toscano

Inside the park it is possible to admire one of nature's most incredible beauties, the Butterfly Sanctuary. This oasis can be found along path No. 5 along the ridge that runs from the picnic area on Monte Perone (630m) to the last slopes of Monte Capanne.

Length: 2km

Difficulty: easy

You will encounter three environments. The first section is inside a pine grove, even if it is an artificial woods, and many species of butterflies like it here because of the fresh temperatures, the light, and the rich selection of flowers where, particularly in the hottest months, they are able to take refuge and find food away from the heat. There are three species which are particularly popular here: the Zerinzia, the Pieride of Mann and the Pironia.

At the end of the ascent you'll arrive at clearings of wild grasses and broom. This area is particularly popular with the Elban butterflies which, thanks to this particular environmental mosaic, densely populate the island.

After a brief stretch the path forks. The left path rises to the Le Calanche pass while the right path enters a woods of Mediterranean brush. Here there are fewer butterflies, but the strawberry trees offer sustenance tothe larvae of the Giasone butterflies.

Elba Island
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