Sesto Fiorentino

The Bruno Carmagnini Museum of Rural Society

Objects of rural culture on display

Sesto Fiorentino
The collection is on display inside a rural building that was renovated to inaugurate the museum space. Located in the rural building, Casa del Guidi, in the locality of Camporella, the ethnographical collection was born in 1972 thanks to the efforts of Prof. Bruno Carmagnini, after which the museum is named. Carmagnini started the collection with colleagues and student from the G. Pescetti Middle School for didactic purposes. The museum, therefore, mainly targets a scholastic audience from the Sesto Fiorentino area, so students can re-trace the rural origins and traditions of the area, which has become a highly urbanized centre today. Visitors are able to learn more about and appreciate the long-lost relationship between farmer and nature through a series of informational and didactic placards that accompany the items on display.

Opening hours:
Saturday, from 4-7pm. Guided visits by appointment only. To reserve a guided visit, contact the Biblioteca Comunale (tel. 055-4496329).
Price: free entrance.
Accessible to the disabled.

Via Veronelli 2
Tel.: 055-4496331
Sesto Fiorentino
Very well known for its ceramics craftsmanship, Sesto Fiorentino features numerous places of significant artistic value
The municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, located in the province of Florence, has a population of 45,800. Very well known for its ceramic craftsmanship, Sesto features many places of significant artistic value, like the San Martino church, Palazzo Pretorio and the Tombs of Tholos. ...
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